How to Create Videos at No Cost with Microsoft

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It’s alarming how much money is spent on relevant Tools to do affiliate marketing successfully, when you consider the fact that most tools are offered free by Google and Microsoft. Microsoft presents the Microsoft Expression Encoder, which is a software product that automatically record your screen activity. This is a great tool to use when you aim at publishing tutorial videos, which is a huge advantage as an affiliate marketer. All the tools you need to success is right in front of you, but for the purpose of this article we’re only going to cover video recording.

Accessing Microsoft Expressions Encoder – All you have to do is type (Microsoft Expression Encoder) into your browser and search. Then click on the first link you see on the search result page which may read something like (Download Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 from Official …) and you will be redirected to the download page which is secure through Microsoft. You will see the red “Download” button next to the language, click on that and install the software. Another window will open with more free products and apps which you can browse while waiting for your download to complete. After download you simply install and the shortcuts to the Expression Software and Encoder should appear on your screen. Once installed, you will find a new folder in your “Documents” on your PC named “Expression” and this is where Microsoft automatically saves all your video projects and productions.

Recording A Video – You now want to click on your Microsoft Expression Recording software and not the second shortcut which is your encoder, you can only use the encoder once you have recorded your first video. You will see a little microphone in the window that just opened and you must ensure the microphone is turned on in order to voice record. Then you click on the red recording button in your recorder window. You will notice a parameter window opening and you must set your screen perimeter to the area you wish to record. Best to reduce the perimeter from the top if you wish to hide things like usernames and login details during tutorial involving your personal profiles and/or memberships.

Once happy with your perimeter, you simply click on the recording button which this time will be in the recorder menu to the bottom right of your screen. The countdown from 3 will start and a window will open warning that the menu will close to the task-bar for the duration of the recording. Just click “OK” and start recording.

Encoding Your Video & Load To YouTube – In the Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture window you will click on the button with all the lines, indicating files. You will find your recorded video there. At the bottom of that window you will see “Delete” and “Send to Encoder”, follow the latter to encode your video. A new screen will open indicating the time it will take to encode your video, this is also where you add your video title, author and Meta tags.

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