Important Keyword Research Tactics For Newbies

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As I have mentioned in many an article, all the tools you need to earn money online is right in front of you. You need to stop striving for perfection and fame, because you must rather focus on progress. Like with many other tools Google gives you to work with, Ad words is an awesome keyword research tool when you work from home. Your site must be rich in useful, intriguing content and appropriately populated with the keywords from your “Keyword Planner”. This way you will find and combine keyword results, which in some cases turns out to be millions of searches per month.

Getting your website and blog on Google page rank is about more than just pinging and submitting to directories. It’s all about your content which must inspire comment and breathe life into your site. Comments and engagement proves that your site is liked and discussed, which will help boosting your page rank. To Work from Home and having your own website will help expose you as more professional. Do not rush your keyword research, set a realistic goal.

One keyword research I did, indicated the particular keywords to be searched over 750,000 times per month. That amounts to a yearly potential audience of 9,000,000 people searching the net for those exact keyword/keyword phrases. When you populate your website, domain name and website name with the keywords you wish to target your site will rank much faster. This will result in your work from home earnings increasing exponentially.

But that is just the basics and you will have to create what we call several Google Sniper sites. These sites are so targeted that the floods of traffic you will receive will just have you create more sites. You can create hundreds of such sites if you wish, and with websites you will need hosting. It is important to have a marketing budget, because there are but two ways to earn money online working from home.

These two proven and favorite methods among super successful affiliate marketers is, having your own websites and email lists. Your website is kind of like your online shop when you work from home, and your budget should not only concentrate on money. It should also include your time budget, and just how much time you can invest in yourself.

Once you experience the excitement of success when you work from home, the sacrifice will seem minute in comparison. No one said it’s going to be easy, but it will certainly be worth it.

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Deon Christie

Deon Christie

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