Why is a Website and Blog Much More Effective?

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Providing you have done your keyword, anchor text and product research correctly your website and blog will make a world of difference to your income. Keyword research will show you how many times per month a certain keyword get searched for, and how many times an anchor text is typed into the Google browser. Having the right keywords in your domain and site title, only means that the visitor landing on your site is most probably very interested in your offer. Why?

Because they have entered those keywords and/or anchor text because they are looking for something specific. All this cannot be done with raw affiliate links, which is why a website and blog domain is so much more effective. This is also the reason that successful affiliate marketers earn those impressive screenshot results. Professional affiliate marketers all have their own websites, blogs and email lists. You will never find a professional affiliate marketer posting raw affiliate links, you will always be directed to a blog, website or email list.

There is a sequence to the necessity, which involves your website link in all your blog post signatures. On your website you offer useful and interesting content which lead your visitor toward the sale, without having to sales pitch. Your website must also then contain your affiliate product you want to promote, and your web form to sign up to your list. It’s a needed system you must have in place because that’s exactly what your dream of financial independence is made of.

You may even have to spend weeks researching, and reviewing different tactics in order to be able to produce converting content. But success is tiny objective steps in the right direction, and if you didn’t start with keyword research then you may well be on the wrong path. You may be among over 96% of other marketers still struggling to generate sales online, in their rush to make money faster.

You need to slow down, and even start over if you must but without targeted visitors you will only fuel your desperation. It’s all about the right product, to the right audience at the right time, and content will always be the king of sales. Creating the relative, interesting and useful content will depend on your product knowledge which is why it’s important to personally test what you intend to promote.

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Deon Christie

Deon Christie

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